Applications Roll in for Director of Facilities Position

9/11/12 – The city of Beaver Dam has received 22 applications for their vacant Director of Facilities position. The first person who held that position in the city, David Stoiser, tended his resignation in July. The council changed city ordinance in 2007 to restructure city personnel under three directors: the Director of Administration which oversees financial matters; the Director of Utilities, which oversees the water and wastewater departments; and the Director of Facilities which oversees the Department of Public Works, streets, parks and the storm water utility. Stoiser was the first Director of Facilities to be hired in April of 2008 at an initial salary of $84,600. Of the 22 applications received by the city’s Interview Committee, ten were deemed to be qualified, meeting the requirements outlined in the job description. No timeline has been discussed in filling the position.