Amid New York business closures, liquor stores deemed "essential" business

coldsnowstorm/iStock(NEW YORK) — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already ordered the closure of non-essential businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads. But Empire State residents will be pleased to learn that booze is officially considered an essential commodity.

A Friday press release from the New York State Liquor Store Association points out that amid the closure orders, liquor stores are included on the list of “essential” businesses. 

The NYSLSA points visitors to the state government’s page providing guidance on exactly what constitutes essential and non-essential businesses, noting that liquor stores fall into the categories of essential manufacturing and essential retail businesses.  The former category includes “food processing, including all foods and beverages,” while the latter category includes “grocery stores including all food and beverage stores.”

So drink up, New Yorkers!  While you may still have to search eBay for those $50 12-packs of toilet paper, you can at least ease the price-gouging pain with a cocktail.

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