Alliant Energy Urges Wisconsinites To Call 811 Before Digging

(Beaver Dam) Warmer weather and thawed ground means that Wisconsin homeowners, contractors and government workers are digging into more outside projects. Alliant Energy is urging Wisconsinites to call 811 before they dig to avoid having to call 911 due to injury. 811 is a free service. When you call, a professional will mark your yard for buried utilities. The average yard contains several different buried utilities ranging from natural gas lines to internet cables. When calling 811, the operator will notify local utility companies where and when you want to dig. Within a few days, a locator will mark the approximate location of underground lines, pipes, and cables in your yard with spray paint and flags. Call 811 before you plant trees, install a mailbox, put in a fence or start any other project that requires digging. Any person who hits a line while digging should assume they have caused damage. Report the incident immediately to 811. Alliant Energy will be notified if electric or gas lines are involved.