Alliant Energy Joins Effort To Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

(Beaver Dam) Alliant Energy is helping Midwest electric vehicle drivers travel even further. In 2020, Ameren announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration among Midwest energy companies that committed in good faith to building a large, collaborative network of electric vehicle charging stations. Recently, Alliant Energy signed the Memorandum of Cooperation to further extend the network. There are currently two million electric vehicles on U.S. roads. This number is expected to increase to 18.7 million by 2030. To meet the demand, an estimated 9.6 million public charging stations will be needed, but only about 100,000 stations are in service today. With an expanded charging network, drivers will be able to travel from Wisconsin to Texas, and many routes in between, with plenty of locations to recharge along the way. President of Alliant Energy Wisconsin David de Leon says they understand the critical need for more charging stations available at convenient locations. He says by signing on to this collaboration, they can help increase the infrastructure necessary to assure customers will be able to charge up no matter where they are driving.

Click here for map of eleven-state charging network