Alliant Energy Hosts Meeting On Commerce Park In Trenton

(Beaver Dam) Trenton Town Hall was packed Monday night with residents interested in learning more about the coming Alliant Energy Commerce Park. In August, Alliant Energy announced plans for the proposed 520 acre industrial park in the Town of Trenton. Its location is not far from the shuttered Trenton Elementary School and down the road from the city of Beaver Dam’s new 200-acre Highway 151 Business Park. The goal is to gear the property towards big or expanding companies seeking large-scale sites with Alliant Energy acting as broker for any potential deals. If a business does move into the space the city of Beaver Dam could then annex the area, becoming responsible for site infrastructure.

Many citizens in attendance last night say they were caught off-guard by the industrial park. Concerns cited include increased traffic, loss of taxable property to annexation, surface water run-off issues and an overall lack of communication.

On hand to address their concerns was Alliant Energy Community Director Robert Crain. He says Alliant Energy has been dedicated to the community for a long time and notes that all details are in the preliminary stages. Crain says it is important to realize that there is no project currently in development and all Alliant Energy did was secure a large piece of land that they hope will be filled with an employer who will create jobs locally.

Crain encourages anyone interested in learning more or who may have further questions to reach out to him personally. Crain can be reached at his office line: 608-458-4469, his cell: 608-444-8519 or by email: [email protected].


Listen to the proceedings here: