Alliant Energy Customers Among Those Seeing Refunds

(Dodge County) Alliant Energy customers may be getting some money back. Four of the state’s biggest utility companies will be doling out around $25 million in refunds. Regulators say customers overpaid by about $25 million because various costs of doing business went down for utility companies in 2018. Alliant customers overpaid about $4.9 million, which will result in refunds of about half-cent per-kilowatt-hour for over 470-thousand customers. Residential customers could see refunds of around $20 next year, while small businesses could get up to $90.

Customers of Madison gas and electric will get about $9.5 million dollars back through a $20 credit on the average upcoming bill, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. WPS says they’ll be issuing refunds of about $7.1 million, or $5.25 per customer. Xcel Energy customers will also get refunds.

No refunds for customers of the state’s largest utility as We Energies reported fuel costs were within the two-percent margin. This is the second straight year many ratepayers have received refunds.