All-Capitol Conference Alternate Season Cross Country Team

Alternate Season All-Capitol Conference Cross Country Team

1st Team Recipients – Boys

Carter Scholey         Belleville                               Freshman

Joe Quaglia              New Glarus/Monticello   Senior

Evan Guenther        New Glarus/Monticello    Junior

Tom Nelson             New Glarus/Monticello    Sophomore

Tucker McGee         Columbus                             Sophomore

Braylon Hoesley      New Glarus/Monticello    Junior

Brayden Ryan          New Glarus/Monticello    Junior

Performer of the Year – Carter Scholey – Belleville


1st Team Recipients – Girls

Samantha Herrling             Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld    Sophomore

Lily Maynard                        New Glarus/Monticello                Freshman

Annika Ziperski                   New Glarus/Monticello                Sophomore

Dayna Karls                          New Glarus/Monticello                Junior

Melanie Fink                        New Glarus/Monticello                Freshman

Jaiden Dornaus                   Columbus                                         Sophomore

Aurora Pennington            Columbus Junior                             Freshman

Performer of the Year – Samantha Herrling – Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld


2nd Team Recipients – Boys

Ty Ready                               New Glarus/Monticello                Senior

Weston Parman                  Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld    Junior

Conor McCoy                       New Glarus/Monticello                Senior

Noah McGehee                   Columbus                                         Junior

Nolan Stauffacher              Columbus                                         Sophomore

Matthew Loshaw               Belleville                                           Junior

Angelo Dohm                      Belleville                                           Sophomore


2nd Team Recipients – Girls

Alora Spiegel                       Belleville                                           Freshman

Tenley Faber                        New Glarus/Monticello                Sophomore

Emma Martinson               New Glarus/Monticello                Freshman

Tayler Yapp                          Belleville                                           Junior

Lucy Melvin                          New Glarus/Monticello                Freshman

Lainey Winkers                   Belleville                                           Sophomore

Zoe Denk                              Columbus                                         Junior


Team Scores – Boys

New Glarus/Monticello – 22 Points

Belleville – 56 Points

Columbus – 60 Points

Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld – Inc.


Team Scores – Girls

New Glarus/Monticello – 18 Points

Columbus – 53 Points

Belleville – 62 Points

Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld – Inc.


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