Alice In Dairyland Gives Food Sustainability Advice

(Wisconsin) Alice in Dairyland Julia Nunes says farmers work hard to produce things we can use at our tables so the least we can do is practice food sustainability at home. She says it’s not that difficult to do.

For instance, proper storage will reduce food waste. She says hard cheeses can be wrapped in parchment or cheese paper which you can read about on her blog. She also recommends freezing beef or preparing and freezing it for things you will make later like tacos.

She says it seems against some people’s nature to make the most of leftovers, but those too can be repurposed. Nunes adds that she likes to use some leftovers in egg bakes. She says in addition to her Alice in Dairyland blog good places for recipes are and

The Dodge County-area’s most recent connection to Alice in Dairyland was in 2010. Christine Lindner of Fall River, who grew up on her family’s farm just outside of Beaver Dam, was the state’s 63rd Alice.