Adult Diapers Clogging Juneau Wastewater System

(Juneau) Adult diapers have become an issue of concern for the Juneau Wastewater Department.  A recent sewer maintenance procedure uncovered the problem. During an update on the Utility Commission during the recent common council meeting, Alderwoman Cheryl Braun explained the city sewers are simply not designed to handle the load, and pleaded with those responsible to dispose of the adult diapers properly.  The removal procedure calls for a lifting of the station and a clean out of the grinders that are designed to chop up the city’s waste.  She compared it to an artery getting clogged-up and says it’s like giving the utility a heart attack.  The quantity of adult diapers that were removed from the system is unclear, but Braun did state that the removal is not only an expensive procedure but one that has direct impact on waste utility costs.  Although many brands of adult diapers do contain biodegradable materials they are still only intended for disposal in the trash.