ADRC Of Dodge County Warns Of COVID-Related Scams

(Juneau) The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dodge County is warning residents to be aware of COVID-related scams. Elder Benefit Specialist Amanda Higgins says the pandemic has created a knowledge vacuum that scammers try to exploit. This includes fraudulent information stating that people need to pay for the COVID vaccine in order to be bumped up the wait list.   

Higgins says both the COVID vaccine, and testing, are available free and residents should steer clear of anyone asking for payment. She adds that there is no way to pay to be moved up the vaccination list faster.   

Higgins says that COVID scams are not the only ones targeted at aging residents. One such scam is convincing Medicare recipients to purchase new plastic Medicare cards, which Higgins says is not something Medicare is doing. 

The team of the ADRC are available to answer questions on this and other topics.  You can contact the ADRC of Dodge County at 920-386-3580.