Accused County Fair Counterfeiters Charged

10/4/11 – A husband and wife from Watertown have both been charged with forgery for taking the family out to the Dodge County Fair this year and funding the outing with counterfeit money. Gerald and Patricia Cappetta were arrested after getting off the Ferris wheel. According to the criminal complaint, Patricia attempted to exchange the fake $20 bills for ride tickets at several different ticket booths. Carnival employees rejected each time and were able to provide a physical description of the couple. When questioned, authorities said there stories were “one-hundred miles apart.” Patricia said she got the bills from a gas station before they got to the fair while Gerald said they weren’t at a gas station. She changed her story to finding the money on the ground but he reportedly confessed to printing it on his home computer. The quality of the currency was said to be (quote) “terrible.” They each face a maximum prison sentence of six years if they are convicted. Gerald Cappetta will be back in court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday while Patricia has her hearing next month.