Abortion Procedures Declined Last Year

Wisconsin doctors performed almost seven-and-a-half percent fewer abortions last year. State officials says that almost 72-hundred-50 women had their infants aborted in 2011. That’s down from 78-hundred-25 the previous year. It was the seventh time in eight years that Wisconsin’s abortion rate had gone down. The only exception was in 2009. Six-point-three every one-thousand Wisconsin women had

abortions last year. That’s down from six-point-eight in 2010 – and it’s only about half the national rate of 16 abortions per one-thousand women as of 2008. Barbara Lyons of Wisconsin Right-to-Life praised the reduction. She said it means that hundreds of babies are saved, and their mothers are quote, “protected from a lifetime of emotional pain.” The right-to-life group notes that Wisconsin abortions have fallen by 58-percent since 1987, the first year that doctors were required to report their abortion procedures to the state.