Aaron Rodgers Appears On 100K Pyramid

6/26/17 – Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers conquers another T-V game show. He helped contestant Brooke Snell win the top prize on A-B-C’s “100-Thousand Dollar Pyramid” Sunday night. Snell won two preliminary word games — one with Rodgers and one with “Dancing With the Stars” host Erin Andrews — and Snell made two trips to the winner’s circle where she won 112-thousand dollars. In her final game, she gave the following clues to Rodgers in the last of six questions — “Terry Bradshaw … Old people … Terry Bradshaw.” Rodgers gave the right answer, “People that are bald,” and it won the 100-thousand for Snell. Andrews won the first preliminary game, and she teased Rodgers by making his famous “championship belt” move when she stood up. In the recent past, Rodgers also won a celebrity contest on “Jeopardy,” and he let three fans test their knowledge of him on A-B-C’s “Big Fan.”