Sheriff Encourages Parents To Police Kids Cell Phone Usage

(Dodge) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is hoping to educate teens and their parents about the increasing dangers that cellphones can present in their lives.  In his most recent Sheriff’s Column, Sheriff Schmidt says that cellphones are an excellent tool that can be used for keeping in contact with family and friends, checking email, posting pictures on social media, or keeping up with current events or our favorite sports teams.  We can even use our cellphones to call or text 911 in the case of an emergency.  He goes on to say while there are many great uses for cell phones, there are also dangers, with one of the most obvious being texting while driving.  Sheriff Schmidt says that there are dangers for teenagers that many parents would never dream of, and while many teens wouldn’t know what to do with out their phones, parents need to remember that their teens phones are a privilege that is given to them and that can be taken away.


He says that often teenagers are much more aware of the nuances of using their cellphones in ways that parents couldn’t imagine and how to hide what they are doing from prying eyes.  Schmidt says parents need to be diligent in learning about how these devices work, and to closely monitor their children’s electronic devices.  He urges parents to utilize online resources available to learn more about the ever-changing digital landscape, and even recommends installing a monitoring app on their teens device that includes the ability to track them with GPS.  Ultimately Sheriff Schmidt says that parents are responsible for knowing their teens actions and for keeping them safe.