Gerber Excited For Opportunity In Beaver Dam

The Beaver Dam Unified School District has found their new Associate Principal of Activities and Athletics from within the Badger Conference.   Pending school board approval on August 8th, after nearly 20 years in the Fort Atkinson School District Ryan Gerber will be coming to Beaver Dam.

“What makes (this) a great job, it’s about the community and having a place that has good people in it.“  Gerber told  “Second, this is a great school, a great organization.  Certainly, there is a ton of community support here.  I’ve had a chance through coaching to be up at the new facility at the high school, which is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a palace, it’s a gem and you want to go, especially this day and age in education, where the community supports the school and that becomes a very attractive place.”

Gerber is a 2003 graduate of DeForest High School where he wrestled and played football.  From there he graduated from UW-Whitewater and has been involved with the Fort Atkinson School District as a teacher and coach for nearly 20 years.   Along with his duties as a social studies teacher, Gerber has been the head wrestling coach since 2012, an Executive Board Member for the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association since 2018, and an Assistant Athletic Director

“We’re in the business of people. What we do is all about kids.” Gerber said.   “I really feel like my experiences in Fort, working with students from grades six all the way through grade twelve has really positioned me well for this.”

Gerber also knows that he’s coming to a school district with great athletic traditions.  “Winning is fun.  When you’re winning, you’re having fun, but I always say to may guys, winning is really important as long as it’s done the right way, and from what I can tell, our programs in Beaver Dam have done it the right way.  I’m really excited to be a part of that and help our coaches get what they need so they can continue this upward trajectory of what we have going on. I think it’s amazing.  I think that’s great for our community.  It’s great for our kids to enjoy that success and in my time at Beaver Dam I hope that we can continue that trend and keep moving forward.”

Along with athletics, Gerber will oversee the fine arts and other school activities.  “I think part of the culture in the community is being great in the “Three As” academics, athletics, and the arts as well.  Athletics and the arts are really the front door to our high school.  It’s what brings people into our school, and we invite them in.  I’m looking forward to getting to know the people in our arts department and really understanding their job and supporting them in any way I can.”

 “We are excited for Ryan to get started! He cares deeply about education-based activities and athletics, and is looking forward to serving the students, staff, and families in our community.” Said Beaver Dam Unified School District Superintendent Mark DiStefano.

Gerber will replace Melissa Gehring who took a position with the WIAA.

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Photo Credit: Fort Atkinson School District