Dodge County Board Uses Leftover Dollars To Fund Gold Star Trail

(Juneau) Organizers with the Gold Star Memorial Trail are no longer facing a cost overrun for phase one of their project. The Dodge County Board approved a resolution Wednesday night to carry over unused expenditures from the Land Resources and Parks Department’s 2017 budget to wipe away a $94-thousand dollar shortfall.

Department Director Bill Ehlenbeck says a combination of staff adjustments as well as increased park revenues resulted in the available funds. He says now that there is no more deficit the project will begin to make significant progress. Ehlenbeck says construction will start as soon as possible and planners will begin working with DNR staff to plan the route through the Horicon Marsh. He says organizers will be meeting with the contractor today to hammer out a specific construction timeline.

Ehlenbeck says while fundraising efforts are still underway for the remaining phases of the project, they plan to look at grant opportunities to help cover the costs. He says one of the bigger grants available would be a Transportation Alternatives Program grant offered through the Department of Transportation which can cover up to 80-percent of funding. Ehlenbeck says they were not able to qualify for the highest amount possible in phase one but were able to secure 50-percent grants.

The ten-foot wide paved trail – which would honor local fallen veterans – would initially extend two-miles from Mayville’s Theiler Park to the Horicon Marsh Visitor Center, running along County Highway TW and State Highway 28. Future phases would bring the trail to Beaver Dam.

Pictured above left to right: Dodge County Board Chairman Russ Kottke and Administrator Jim Mielke