6-Year-Old Liam Sanborn Of Randolph Seeking Bone Marrow Donor

(Randolph) A six-year-old Randolph boy is looking for a bone marrow donor. Liam Sanborn was first diagnosed with Leukemia before his first birthday and has gone into remission twice before being diagnosed with a third form on May 14. His mother Ashley says Liam is a fighter.

“It’s day to day, he gets a lot of burn out from chemo, it wears him out because its really working his body hard,” she says, “and we’re killing a lot of Leukemia cells at one time so he gets tired easy but he’s still a spitfire.”

Liam is undergoing chemotherapy with the hope of hitting remission by day 29 of treatment. He would need the bone marrow immediately upon remission. Nicole Badura with Be The Match says there are a lot of misconceptions about bone marrow transplants.

“They think we’re cutting into your bone, digging into your bone maybe even removing a part of your bone and that is not the case at all,” Badura says.

It is an outpatient surgical procedure, under general anesthesia, where a needle is placed in the back of your hip.

“You have some injection site soreness as the main side effect,” she says, “and within a couple days your back to normal activities.”

A donor remains unconfirmed for Liam but there is hope. Badura notes that if you are not a match for Liam, there is a possibility that you could be the life-saving match for another person.

There are two easy ways people under the age of 44 can help: by going online to www.bethematch.org or texting “LovingLiam” to 6-1-4-7-4…you can also find that information with this news story at DailyDodge.com.

There are two ways to access the registration portal:

  1. Text LovingLiam to 61474
  2. URL http://join.bethematch.org/lovingliam