Agreement In The Works For Manager Of Mayville Golf Course

12/19/17 –  The Mayville Common Council agreed in principle Monday night to a lease agreement to operate the city’s golf course. Last month, the council agreed to a buy-out plan to purchase Mayville Golf Club Inc in exchange for the city acquiring their remaining debt. The group had been in charge of running the facility and their lease expires at the end of this year. Marc and Jeff Trott would take over management of the course once the agreement is signed. Mayor Rob Boelk says the plan is to have the Trott’s lease the course for three years and the family is willing to put some of their own money up to help improve the facility. He says starting January 1st the Trott’s will begin taking registration and golf will resume as normal from April 1st to November 1st. The terms of the bid allowed the entire facility to be operated by one entity or the operations of the golf course to be separated from management of the bar and grille. There was a second offer on the table to lease the course but Alderman Bob Smith says it would have involved two separate parties leasing the facility and the majority of the council felt more comfortable with having just one individual on the lease. The decision was decided on a four-to-two vote with Alderwomen Kim Olson and Molly Henkel voting no. Smith says Marc Trott owned Miller Tool and Die in Mayville, is business savvy, has a passion for golf and wants to see the course stay under city control. Boelk says parts of their plan include having the current grounds crew work on the facility next year while bringing in an expert to run the bar and grille. He says there are a few more details to work out but hopes to have the lease agreement signed by the end of January.