Beaver Dam Mayor Says Downtown Property Purchase In City’s Interest

12/4/17 – Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen says it is in the city’s best interest to purchase downtown real estate to maintain control of the properties even though a specific plan is not in place. The Common Council recently approved the purchase of land in the downtown redevelopment district. Dodge County is in the process of acquiring the parcels in a process similar to foreclosure. The properties have just over $200-thousand dollars in unpaid property taxes, fees, penalties and interest but the county is only seeking to recoup the property tax amount which is just over $100-thousand dollars. Glewen told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that it is an important area as a southern gateway. She says it is premature to discuss specifics of the property before the county votes on the plan next month. However, if everything movea forward with the purchase, Glewen indicated that the city would be looking for a developer looking at doing something with the property. She says it’s too soon to say if that would mean doing something with the existing building or razing the structure. Glewen said the land would not be a park or similar green space.  The money to purchase the land would be borrowed and paid back with revenue from TIF District 6. The county board will vote on the process to relinquish the property to the city at their meeting later this month.