This is a unique, personal, up-close raptor experience at Marsh Haven Nature Center. The auction winner and up to five guests of their choice will be invited to Marsh Haven Nature Center, where they will have an opportunity to attend a Raptor Talk program, which offers a close-up, casual setting to talk about all things raptors. Participants will be invited to sit in a roundtable format for a Q & A with our animal caretaker and one of Marsh Haven Nature Center’s educational raptors. This is an opportunity to ask those questions you’ve always wondered about, delve into the philosophy of working with raptors, gain an insight into the care and training of the birds, and just be in the presence of these magnificent birds of prey. Winner will receive a special certificate and plush stuffed animal souvenir owl. Scheduling of this event will be set-up with Marsh Haven Nature Center and the winners.