Mass Casualty Drill In Waupun Wednesday

10/21/17 – Waupun’s emergency personnel response team will test their preparedness on Wednesday night. The city will be conducting a mass casualty drill involving the Police Department, Fire Department, the Waupun Memorial Hospital, Lifestar EMS, and Flight For Life. The goal is to be ready in the face of unexpected disasters like tornadoes, chemical spills, multi-vehicle accident and more. The team will gather at around 2pm to complete a tabletop exercise. The “live” event is expected to begin at 6:30m and run until it is complete. Following the casualty drill, agency leaders will roleplay a mass causality involving a simulated bus crash. The simulation will occur within the Waupun community with the “injured” being taken to the hospital. Residents interested in finding out more about the drill are encouraged to reach out to Waupun Fire Chief BJ DeMaa at [email protected] or call 920-324-7910.