Beaver Dam Police Discuss Laws Governing Multi-Jurisdiction Pursuit

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam authorities discussed a police chase that ended in Madison with us recently along with the jurisdictional issues that sometimes arise. On WBEV’s Community Comment, Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson highlighted two types of pursuits, fresh pursuit and hot pursuit, that guides officers when they travel outside of their jurisdiction. He says under such laws, officers are allowed to chase suspects outside their jurisdiction so long as there is reasonable suspicion.

Johnson says if the reason for chasing a suspect originated within Beaver Dam, officers are permitted to cross jurisdictional lines to pursue them. He says if a crime happens outside the community they would contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office to see if assistant would be needed.

Johnson says local authorities would be notified if a pursuit crosses into their jurisdiction. He says it is not necessary but it is courteous. Adding that they can chase a suspect without support from a local agency, as long as they see fit, until the perpetrator is apprehended.

Johnson says that most likely happened on October 4th, when Beaver Dam Police engaged in a multi-county, high-speed chase. The suspect, who was wanted for burglary, was driving a stolen vehicle which was later found unoccupied in Madison.


Listen to Sgt. Johnson on WBEV’s Community Comment: