Waupun Hazmat and Mass Casualty Drill Planned

(Waupun) Members of the Waupun Fire Department will soon be running a set of specialized training drills.  The drills will be a collaborative effort between the Waupun Fire Department, the Waupun Police Department, Waupun Memorial Hospital, and Lifestar EMS, and will be geared towards preparedness for a hazardous materials and mass casualty disaster.  This live training event, happening on Thursday August 1st, will simulate a chlorine spill at a local hotel with swimming pool.  The actual drill itself will take place at Waupun Utilities, which will allow for field review of the Hazmat/decontamination procedures.  Waupun Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director B.J. DeMaa says “It’s very important that we take time to routinely practice these scenarios so all involved parties know what their specific roles will be given any unexpected situation.  In disaster situations, there is already a lot of confusion as the event is unfolding, but if we know ahead of time how we will lend aid, our community and the people affected will be best served.”  Those seeking more information about the Hazmat and Mass Casualty Drill can Contact Fire Chief DeMaa at [email protected] or (920) 324-7910.