2009 Watertown Bank Robbery Solved

10/10/11 – Authorities in Watertown believe they’ve solved a bank robbery that happened more than two years ago.   The Associated Bank on Main Street was robbed in the early evening hours of August 6th, 2009.  According to police, they believed the man who robbed the bank in Watertown also robbed a Mid-America Bank in Janesville early that year.  Officials say they continued to work the case, communicating with other local and national enforcement agencies. Then, earlier this year, a detective from Waukesha recognized the same method of operation when investigating a robbery in 2010.  From that officials were able to pin the robbery on a 39-year-old man from Sun Prairie is already being held at the Oshkosh Correctional Facility on unrelated charges.  Jefferson County officials say charges are pending for the Watertown robbery.