16-Year-Old Ticketed In 111mph Taco Run

8/3/11 – A run for the border landed a Columbus man in hot water. The Dodge County Sheriffs Department ticketed a motorist for driving 46 miles-an-hour over the speed limit on Highway 151 yesterday morning. Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls says the deputy was stationed near County Road S and clocked a 2002 Mitsubishi traveling 111mph in the 65 mile-and-hour zone. The 16-year-old driver – who had three teenage passengers – told the deputy he was returning to his home in Columbus after a late-night run to Beaver Dam for taco’s and said he thought he was only doing 95mph. He is facing tickets totaling over $700 and up to nine points against his license. His parents also had to make a run for the border, or county line, at 3am to retrieve their son, his friends and the car. Nehls says “friends don’t let friends drive this recklessly” and in this case “it sure made for an expensive late-night snack.”