$14-Million Dollar Scrap Metal Scheme Results In Conviction

(Fond du Lac) Fond du Lac County prosecutors says the owner of a iron and metal business has been found guilty of racketeering and felony theft for his role in a scrap metal scheme. Prosecutors say Sterling Kienbaum, owner of Fox Valley Iron and Metal, plotted to steal more than 14-million dollars from Sadoff’s Iron and Metal Company between 2009 and 2015. Fond du Lac County prosecutors say Kienbaum was found guilty of the charges Thursday after entering “no contest” pleas. Investigators say Kienbaum loaded scrap vehicles with dirt to increase the weight, and thus the price, for scrap metal. Kienbaum would make cash payments to Fox Valley worker Daniel Christianson and deliver the scrap cars loaded with dirt to Sadoff’s. Christianson would then pay off an employee at Sadoff’s who would make sure the scrap loads were accepted at Sadoff’s within the tolerance limits. Once the scheme was uncovered, Sadoff’s hired a forensic accountant who determine the losses totaled more than 14-million-330-thousand dollars.