Sheriff’s Race: Ketchem Refutes Claims By Schmidt

(Juneau) The candidates for Dodge County Sheriff each sat down with us in the past week for one-on-one interviews to discuss the issues on WBEV’s Community Comment. Sheriff’s Lt. Jim Ketchem is challenging incumbent Sheriff Dale Schmidt on the August ballot.

Schmidt told us last week that he believes his opponent is running because he was passed over for a promotion in recent years. He says it is not because his opponent wants to do great things for the county instead it is a personal agenda. Schmidt says Ketchem was part of a promotional process a year ago for Operations Captain, a process that was open internally and externally. The sheriff says he wanted the most qualified person for his command staff and the individual selected scored a 300 on an examination for the position, which was – according to Schmidt – more than 90 points higher than Ketchem with additional candidates in between.

Ketchem denied that being passed over for promotion played any part in his decision to run, which he says is the result of increasing dissatisfaction with the sheriff from law enforcement throughout the county. He noted that the endorsements he has picked-up from within the sheriff’s office and other area agencies – like the Beaver Dam police chief, police union and five past sheriffs – illustrates why a change is needed. Ketchem says when you look at who the employees are choosing to follow, and who they want to be their next leader, it is disturbing that his opponent is not recognizing that there is a problem. The lieutenant says there are currently 105 current or former law enforcement officers endorsing him compared to nine for the sheriff.


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