Rubicon Man Accused Of Threatening Arson Victims

8/22/17 – A Rubicon man is facing felony charges for threatening a person who’s barn he had burned down. Kyle Dylan Usher is charged with Threats to Injure or Accuse of a Crime, Stalking and Threatening To Communicate Derogatory Information. According to the criminal complaint, Usher spent five years in the juvenile corrections system after he was convicted of burning down two barns in 2012 and ordered to pay $75-thousand dollars in restitution. Almost immediately upon his successful completion of probation, the 20-year-old sent a rambling, 12-page letter to his victims recounting his incarceration and blaming them for losing five years of his life. In the letter, he demanded not only $10-thousand dollars but also that the victims send him a check every month for the exact same amount as the restitution check he pays to the victims. The letter was sent electronically and reportedly included a picture of him holding a gun. He told authorities it was not threatening because it was a BB-gun. A subsequent search of his residence turned up two explosive devices, one of which required dismantling by the Dane County Bomb Squad. Cash bond was set at $25-thousand dollars during an initial appearance yesterday in Dodge County court and a judge will decide next week if there is enough evidence to order a trial.  If convicted, Usher faces a prison sentence of over 15 years.