Rock River Archaeological Society Presents History of Storck Breweries

(Horicon) The Horicon Marsh will play host to a Rock River Archaeological Society presentation on the history of the Storck Breweries.  Judge John Storck, now retired, Being a direct descendent of the Storck families that started operation in 1884, will be sharing the history of the Storck Breweries

The Storck Breweries were located in Schleisingerville, which is now  known as Slinger, WI.  In John’s talk atendees will learn how the name went from Schleisingerville to Slinger.  He will also share how the brewery made it through Prohibition and remained active during Prohibition when many breweries stayed in business by producing a product referred to as “near-beer” which was very low alcohol, or switching over to bottling other beverages like soda.

A variety of items will be on display such as a wooden half-barrel and signs from the brewery.  It promises to be an interesting tale of one of only 3 breweries to have ever existed in the Slinger area.

The public is invited to attend and partake in snacks provided by members of the Rock River Archaeological Society after the program.  The History of the Storck Breweries will be Wednesday November 14th, at 6:30pm at the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center, in Horicon.  Admission is free, with doors opening 45 minutes prior to the start of the program.  For more information call 920-928-6094.


Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society at