Probable Cause Found For Friesland Rape Suspect To Proceed To Trial

11/16/17 – Probable cause was found Thursday for a Friesland man to proceed to trial in connection with a violent rape. James Webb the Third is facing felony counts of Second Degree Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment for the incident in July of last year. The victim says she was drinking at a Columbus area apartment with friends when Webb allegedly followed her into a bathroom and forced himself on her. Web reportedly ignored repeated statements to stop and ripped the victims clothes off, assaulting her for up to 20-minutes while she screamed. At one point, her friends were beating on the bathroom door. She was eventually able to shove Webb off of her and exit the bathroom. An altercation then started outside the apartment and as the victim fled the scene she was reportedly injured again after getting pushed into a toy wagon. Webb, who is married to a family member of the victim, repeatedly denied any contact and says she invited him into the bathroom because she was sick and the door was unlocked the whole time. Tests were reportedly consistent with the DNA of the suspect and concluded with high likelihood that sexual contact took place between Webb and the victim. The 35-year-old faces up to 46 years in prison if he is convicted. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for December 20.