Part Time Driver

Company or Organization
  Green Valley Enterprises
  1223 Madison Street
Job Description
  Green Valley Seeks Part Time Driver
Green Valley Enterprises (GVE) has an opening for a part time driver. Drivers are responsible for the safe and timely pickup and return of agency clients from throughout the surrounding area, and the pickup and delivery of production materials.

Ensure that vehicles used are inspected daily; record inspection findings.
Check engine oil and other maintenance items daily; keep vehicles in clean and serviceable condition.
Park vehicles fuel-full and clean at the end of each day. Report maintenance needs to Superintendent.
Reflect positively on the agency (e.g. dress, manners, and driving habits).
Manage schedule changes appropriately, keep records as required.
Use downtime productively.
Ensure safe loading and unloading practices; assist clients as necessary.
Be sensitive to client’s comfort during loading and unloading (rain, snow, cold).
Support regulatory compliance.
Other duties as assigned.

Responsible for the effective care and operation of agency vehicles.
Reports vehicle safety or maintenance concerns promptly to supervisor.
Pick up clients from caregivers, and return them home safely and on schedule.
Effective record keeping for vehicle maintenance and agency purposes.
Responsible for maintaining route schedules.
Accountable for client, caregiver, and customer satisfaction with GVE’s services.
Reports to Superintendent; may participate in employee teams.