Mayville Offers Vossekuil New Contract

10/24/17 – The Mayville Common Council has offered a new contract to acting Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil to lead the department permanently. The document increases the positions salary base from the original offer of $72,000 dollars to $73,400 dollars a year. It would also waive the 12-month probationary period citing that Vossekuil has been in the role of acting chief since April. Mayor Rob Boelk says he is convinced that the Police and Fire Commission has done their best job in searching for the next chief.  He says he drafted a letter to the council and to the PFC, under his suggestion, to remove the probationary period and raise the salary, which Boelk notes is fair with someone with Vossekuil’s limited experience helming a police department. Vossekuil was not available for comment. The new contract offer will include sending the 15-year-veteran of the department to police chief training and, after one years’ time with successful completion of the training period, the council will hold a review. Boelk says this is a fair employment offer that looks out for the city’s interests and the employee, who will receive an over a six-percent increase in wages and benefits. The mayor says that it is best for the community that the council comes to an agreement with Vossekuil and move forward. The vacancy was created when former Chief Chris MacNeill resigned in March amidst allegations that he altered documents in 2011 to get the family member of a former Mayville police officer in the army.