Mayville Mayor Issues Press Release On Chief Position

9/22/17 – Mayville officials are now considering other candidates to fill the vacant police chief position. In a press release, Mayor Rob Boelk says the city presented acting Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil with a formal employment contract prepared by the city’s legal counsel that included appropriate protections from an employment standpoint. The safeguards stemmed from allegations against former Chief Chris MacNeill, who resigned in March, amidst allegations that he altered documents to help the family member of a former Mayville police officer get into the army. Boelk says that the city’s legal counsel included terms and conditions which are “commonly used” in contracts for a new police chief, such as a 12-month probationary period. He says that Vossekuil did not make any counter-proposals. Vossekuil reportedly has had several problems with the original contract. It has been reported in the media that one of those issues is a total loss of benefits if he would be removed from office for any reason, or if he failed to give 90 days’ written notice if he planned to resign during the life of the contract.  It was also reported that Vossekuil and Boelk exchanged emails in which the mayor asked the 15-year-veteran with the department if he would accept the contract if certain items were removed. In those emails, Boelk says he could not do so himself but would bring the idea back to the council for consideration. Vossekuil says that he would need to see a new contract in writing without the terms included before considering the offer with his attorney. Last week, the Common Council voted unanimously to accept Vossekuil’s rejection. The city says they will no longer comment on the situation or discuss confidential personnel matters. A group called Mayville First has started an online petition with over 600 signatures at seeking to keep Vossekuil as police chief.