Mayville Man Accused Of Raping Minor

(Mayville) A Mayville man is accused of raping a minor. Jose Romeo Ibarra-Ovalle is charged with felony Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child Under Age 16 and Repeated Sexual Assault of the Same Child. The 41-year-old was arrested on Tuesday after the victim’s family contacted authorities and he attempted to overdose on blood pressure medicine. The offenses are said to have occurred on at least five occasions in the city of Mayville dating back to last year. He was apparently drinking at the time of the latest incident and told authorities that he was lonely. Ibarra-Ovalle reportedly admitted his actions to investigators noting that his actions were illegal and immoral though he denied the most recent allegation. If convicted, the charges carry a combined maximum of 80 years in prison. Cash bond was set at $50-thousand dollars Friday and a judge will decide next week if there is enough evidence to order a trial.