Mayville Council To Revisit Vossekuil Contract

9/30/17 – The rejected employment agreement offered to the Mayville Acting Police Chief is being reconsidered by the common council. City officials in Mayville announced Friday that an alderperson has requested that the agreement with Ryan Vossekuil be brought back and the mayor has put the matter on the next common council agenda. Mayville’s Public Safety Committee on Monday received a petition from a citizens group with over 800 signatures seeking to give Vossekuil the position permanently. Vossekuil recently rejected a contract offer from the city indicating that the terms were not fair. City officials then announced that they had begun the process of searching for a new police chief. On Monday, Mayor Rob Boelk publicly accused Vossekuil of being aware of allegations against former Chief Chris MacNeill months prior to an investigation by the state Justice Department. MacNeill is accused of altering documents to help the family member of a former Mayville police officer get into the army. Vossekuil tells us that MacNeill told him last fall that he was the subject of an investigation. Vossekuil says that he never conducted an internal investigation because the state was handling the matter and any attempts to inform other people about the state investigation could have obstructed the case. The city council voted earlier this month to accept Vossekuil’s rejection of his contract. Boelk said Monday the decision to revisit Vossekuil’s contract could be brought back to the council by an alderperson at any time. That question will now be before elected officials at their Monday, October 9th meeting.