Marshall Man Jailed For Driving Getaway Car In Beaver Dam Menard’s Theft

(Beaver Dam) A Marshall man was sentenced Monday to 12 months in jail for driving the getaway car in a robbery at the Beaver Dam Menards. In October, Lucas Thruman pled no contest to one felony count of Retail Theft as a Party to a Crime. The jail sentence could be modified if Thruman arrives on the scheduled commence date of February 8 and receives a recommendation from his parole agent. David Seely, who will be sentenced on January 29, pled guilty last month to felony Retail Theft for his role in the crime. On April 16, Seely exited Menards with a cart that contained approximately $2,000 dollars’ worth of hardware tools. He was confronted by staff and bystanders who told police that Seely displayed what appeared to be a Taser gun and told them to back away. Seely entered Thruman’s vehicle who served as the getaway driver. While authorities searched the online databases EZPAWN and, they found the stolen items that were tied to transactions under the suspect’s names. Surveillance footage also captured the license plate of the getaway vehicle. The two were taken into custody after their car was spotted in a hotel parking lot in Fond du Lac. In talking with investigators, Seely admitted to the crime but denied brandishing a weapon and said (quote), “it could have been a wallet or a hat.” In addition to jail, Thruman was placed on probation for three years.