Library At South Beaver Dam Elementary Closed Due To Mold

(South Beaver Dam) The library at South Beaver Dam Elementary School has been closed due to concerns with mold. Severe weather late this summer wreaked havoc on the 20-year-old pre-fabricated structure resulting in leaking and mold.

Superintendent Mark DiStefano says professional contractors and district maintenance staff unsuccessfully attempted two different solutions.  He says unfortunately there was “active mold growth” and because of the spore count, and the structural integrity of the modulars, the decision was made to permanently close the library.

There was a second modular that was attached to the bricks and mortar structure at the same time as the now-shuttered library modular. That second modular is now a scaled-down combination library and computer lab. DiStefano says plans for a new library are being discussed for next year. He says they are going to work through a plan for next year but long-term a classroom in the bricks-and-mortar section of the building may be repurposed.

DiStefano says the air quality has been tested twice so far throughout the rest of the building and both came back good; additional testing is planned through the end of the year. Both modulars are beyond their life-expectancy for intended use and were never meant to be permanent.



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