Johnny’s Lounge Demerit Violation Hearing Date Change

(Beaver Dam) City officials have changed the date for a hearing that will decide the fate of the liquor license for a Beaver Dam tavern. Monday was the original date agreed upon last month by the city’s Administrative Committee. City officials announced this past week that the date has been changed to Wednesday, December 12th. In the months since a June closing time fight at the Madison Street bar, city officials have seen failed negotiations, the rejection of a recommendation to revoke the license and a revisiting of that rejection. In September, the committee overturned that previous vote paving the way for a license revocation hearing. City Attorney Mary Ann Schacht says Beaver Dam’s Demerit Point Ordinance for liquor license violators is allowed under state statute. The city’s Administrative Committee will hear testimony at the hearing with witnesses, examination and cross examination before formulating a decision. That decision will then go to the full common council for a determination to revoke, suspend or dismiss. The owner of Johnny’s Lounge rejected a previous offer to close for three days. If their license is suspended with this action it would be for a minimum of ten days and a maximum of 90 days. Revocation would be for one year before being able to reapply. Wednesday’s hearing in Beaver Dam Common Council chambers begins at 6:30pm. The liquor license holder would have the option of appealing the decision in circuit court.