Idea Exchange – February 4th – February 8th

Monday, February 4th:

TODAY: Homemade Soup, Popcorn, Gumby, Create a Vacuum, Rosa Park’s birthday, USO

Tuesday, February 5th:


Dan Novice, an American detective, and his social worker wife, Karen, now both retired, embark on the promise they made to spend more time together. They have rented a cottage in the quaint Irish village of Ballyram for three months. Their plans include visiting tourist sites, eating out, and interacting with the villagers. It doesn’t take long for the plan to be challenged when a prominent villager, Lord O’Connor is murdered and Dan and Karen stumble upon the scene. This is John Kraft’s sister-in-law so be sure to listen to our interview!

TODAY: Chocolate Fondue, disaster, Thank a Mailman & Weather Person, Hank Aaron’s birthday-1934, Peter Pan (1953), First Wiffle ball sold

Wednesday, February 6th:


Walking at the Speed of Light is a perceptive offering of memoir and reflections that can be taken one at a time and provide insight and healing for all kinds of darkness. Although many books have addressed grief and depression related to Christian faith, a book that gives readers a Christian perspective on these subjects through forward thinking including organ donation and positive life building offers a unique opportunity. Walking at the Speed of Light begins with the death of Cheryl J. Heser’s thirty-three-year-old son, Joshua, the grief experiences that followed, and the organ donation that affected the lives of over 100 people.

TODAY: Frozen Yogurt, Pay a compliment, Monopoly Game-1935, Babe Ruth’s birthday (1895)

Thursday, February 7th:

TODAY: Fettucine Alfredo, Hershey’s Chocolates founded, Charles Dickens birthday (1812), Pinnocchio (1940)

Friday, February 8th:

TODAY: Molasses Bars, Fly a Kite, Boy Scouts-1910, Mike Day