Horicon Police Department First To Utilize Spillman E-Referral Feature

(Horicon) The Horicon police chief says a feature of the county’s new records management system will allow for greater efficiencies in his department. Spillman has been used by patrol, jailers and dispatch in 18 Dodge County law enforcement agencies since December. Chief Joe Adamson told the Horicon Common Council this week that his department will be the first in the county to use a feature with Spillman that allows for the submission of electronic referrals to the District Attorney’s office. Currently, when officers make a referral for criminal charges, the report is scanned and emailed to the DA who cuts and pastes the information into a complaint. The officer then has to swear to the criminal complaint by physically driving to Juneau and meeting with prosecutors to raise their right hand. The program feature that allows for eReferrals to the DA’s office is being beta-tested now and should be ready to go live in the next two months. Meanwhile, Adamson says the implementation of Spillman has so far gone smoothly for Horicon. He says going from the previous software system to Spillman was like upgrading from a flip phone to a smart phone.  Spillman is more complicated but the chief says that is because it does so much more than its predecessor. Adamson says Spillman helps him make more informed decisions on how to allocate time and resources.