Green Valley Enterprises Expands Life Academy To Summer

(Beaver Dam) A local non-profit that helps individuals with special needs is expanding a popular program into the summer months. Green Valley Enterprises is a multi-faceted agency that works with hundreds of families offering, among other things, pre-vocational training and other work-related services. The organization offers a summer course called Life Academy which is a post-graduate program that grows employment and life-long independent skills. Employment and Outreach Coordinator Meredith Winning says Life Academy will be expanding their services for the first time since it was brought to Beaver Dam three years ago. She says the non-profit has partnered with seven local school districts and will be working with 30 students throughout the summer. Joining the Beaver Dam High School and Middle School are Mayville, Lomira, Horicon, Randolph and Cambria-Friesland. Winning says five local businesses have also offered to employ the students in small increments throughout the summer to help further their training. She adds that the businesses are scattered throughout Dodge County to cater to those who do not live in Beaver Dam and she says the students will be paid. Life Academy typically serves those ages 18-through-21 during the school year but the minimum age requirement is dropped to 15 for the summer months. More information is available at