Fate Of Beaver Dam Tavern May Be Decided In January

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Administrative Committee heard testimony Wednesday night that will decide the fate of the liquor license for a Beaver Dam tavern. Multiple witnesses were called to give statements during a revocation hearing for the liquor license of Johnny’s Lounge as a result of a closing time fight this past June.

Over the past several months, city officials have seen failed negotiations, the rejection of a recommendation to revoke the license and a revisiting of that rejection. The owner of Johnny’s Lounge rejected a previous offer to close for three days. In September, the committee overturned a previous vote paving the way for last night’s license revocation hearing.

Multiple Beaver Dam Police officers were called to testify including Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger and Lieutenant Matt Riel who filed the complaint against Johnny’s Lounge.

Also giving testimonies were several bartenders that worked the night in question as well as the owner of Johnny’s Lounge who testified that she was not disputing the incident but rather the penalties being assessed against her business.

The attorney for Johnny’s Lounge, Brent Eisberner, says the hearing went as he expected. He says most of his arguments did not revolve around the incident but rather focuses on the city taking legislative statutes to create a process that exceeds their authority. Eisberner adds his client wishes to see the demerit point ordinance challenged.

City Attorney Mary Ann Schact says the ordinance works fine as is and is an excellent and successful program. She says the officers who testified and the witnesses who were subpoenaed reached the central issue of the hearing which shows that there was a violation of the demerit point system.

The administrative committee will take several days to review the information presented and will likely meet on Monday to make a recommendation to the common council. Schact says a final decision on the matter will be determined during the council’s first meeting in January.


Listen to the revocation hearing here: