Extension Office Fields Questions On Obscure Fencing Law

(Dodge County) A lesser-known Wisconsin law related to the costs of installing a fence may be of interest to area farmers.  Dodge County UW Extension Livestock and Dairy Youth Intern Connor Schultz recently explained the obscure rule on WBEV’s Community Comment.  Schultz says Wisconsin is a state in which you are required to pay your half of the fence.  It’s a two-party pay system, so if you are putting up a fence on a lot line to house animals, each party on either side of the lot line must pay for the fence.

The little-known law comes into effect when the intent of the fencing is to hold livestock.  According to Schultz, the law goes into more detail about the types of fencing and is the topic of some of the more common, yet unusual calls received at the UW extension office.  As you can imagine, not everyone is happy with the law. Schultz says it’s a law that most of the time is only making 50-percent of the parties involved happy because they do not have to pay for half of the fence.  It is a Wisconsin state law however and the law has provisions in it on how to proceed if the other party does not want to pay.

Wisconsin statute Ch.90 contains all information regarding the law, but Schultz welcomes those seeking more information to reach out to the Dodge County UW Extension office at 920-386-3790 or online at:




Listen to the entire interview here: