Dodge County Sheriff Warns Deer Hunters About Trespassing

(Juneau) With gun-deer season upon us, law enforcement is encouraging hunters to be mindful of private boundaries. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his office typically receives a large number of trespassing complaints during gun season. He says state statute prohibits a person from going onto another’s land without express or implied consent. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt says hunters should know where they are before going out to hunt and that hunters must always get permission to go on private land, even if a deer they shot on public ground comes to rest in private territory. He says state statute requires trespassing signs be at least 11 square inches and be placed in at least two spots for every 40 acres being protected. Schmidt says the signs must have an appropriate ‘no trespassing’ notice along with the name of the person giving notice. Proof must also exist that the signs were erected. The sheriff suggests a time stamped photo or credible eyewitness. Schmidt says a trespassing citation brings a $263 fine.