Dodge County Sheriff Wants To Require Permits For Strippers

(Juneau) Adult entertainers in Dodge County may need to register in the near future. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is working on an ordinance that has been brought forward to the county board’s Judicial and Protection Committee for discussion only, noting that it could take months before anything is enacted.

Schmidt told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that the idea came from a similar law on the books in Calumet County. He says the sheriff issues permits for dancers following a background check to make sure the individual has no criminal record. If the check comes back clean the permit is issued.

Schmidt says the goal is to keep unwanted individuals away from these establishments to limit criminal activity. He says routine bar checks at area clubs have often revealed entertainers that have a record or whose conduct has led to prostitution chargers.

Schmidt says county officials are working on any potential civil liability concerns the ordinance could cause. He says there are still several details that need to be figured out including the correct fees or potential penalties that would be assessed. Schmidt adds that the purpose of the ordinance is to not restrict business but rather to ensure the right entertainers are hired.