Dodge County Residents Eligible For CDBG From Storm Damage

(Dodge County) Dodge County residents whose homes were damaged during August and September’s severe weather can now apply for relief. The county was recently awarded roughly $800,000 in Community Development Block Grant – Emergency Assistance Program funding to help low-to-moderate-income households affected by the flooding and tornados. Applicants do not need to pay back any monetary aid given but can only receive funds through the program once and will not qualify again if a person’s home is damaged by future weather events. Funds can be used to reimburse eligible individuals who have already undertaken repair work. A surveyor will visit applicants’ homes to inspect completed work or that there is still flood-related damage in need of repair.

A homeowner or landlord that rents to a one person household can apply for $41,850; a two person household can receive $47,800; a three person household can be awarded $53,800; a four person household can be granted $59,750; a five person household can get $64,550; a six person household is eligible for $69,350; a seven person household can pick-up $74,100 and an eight person household can receive $78,900.