Dodge County Board Approves Operational Analysis Of Sheriff’s Office

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board adopted a resolution Tuesday night confirming the hire of a California firm to conduct an operational analysis of the sheriff’s office.

The Matrix Consulting Group was selected to review a number of different areas including an evaluation of budgeting and financial procedures. The study will also look at staffing levels; evaluate service contracts such as food, medical and US Marshal Holds; and develop best practice policies.

The goal was to use budgeted funds from the sheriff’s office 2019 budget to pay for the full cost of the project. The bid from Matrix Consulting Group came in at $85,000 and only $30,000 was available from the sheriff’s budget. The resolution passed allows the county to use $55,000 from the General Fund to pay for the remaining balance.

Supervisor Eugene Wurtz says the money could be better spent elsewhere and suggests replacing several aging and high mileage patrol cars.

Supervisor Donna Maly says the review is vital in better understanding the needs of the sheriff’s office. She says county officials want to know that the dollars the sheriff’s office will get or need is sufficient in providing Dodge County the protection and safety needed.

The county’s goal is to review each department every couple years with Human Services going through a similar process three years ago. There is no official start date for the review but Dodge Country Corporation Counsel Kim Naas says a preliminary start date is set for some time in the first quarter of 2019. Naas says the hope is to bring a final presentation to the county board next August.