Design Approved For Downtown Beaver Dam Water Tower

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Operations Committee Monday night unanimously approved a new design for the downtown water tower. The committee chose a wraparound design featuring the new city logo on two sides with the tagline: “Beaver Dam, Life Here Is Good,” with the word “Here” scribbled in. In between the wording is two circular shades of orange representing a sun with a kayaker in the middle holding a paddle. The entire bottom half of the tower is blue waves in three shades which will extend down the stem of the tower.

Mayor Becky Glewen says the logo on the tower looks “fantastic.” Alderwoman Teresa Henriksen calls the design “classy and neat” while Alderman Mick Fischer stated that the logo is starting to grow on him.

The downtown water tower was built in 1936 and received an extensive interior and exterior recoating in 1986. A low-quality recoat was applied in 2007. An inspection revealed that the paint is failing, though the metal structure itself is in good condition.

The complete exterior recoat is estimated to cost between $650-and-$700-thousand. A new tower, by contrast, would cost a minimum of $1.3-million dollars. The money will be borrowed and paid back through the utility. The new coat is expected to last 25 years.

With approval by the Operations Committee, the project will now go out to bid. The committee had previously approved a different design that featured the high school’s colors, but the paint job planned for last year was delayed as the city addressed the relocation of power lines around the tower.