Demerit Points Assessed Against Beaver Dam Bar Following Fight

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department has assessed demerit points against a tavern following a fight earlier this month. Johnny’s Lounge is being given 230 points for the June 2nd, closing time incident. That breaks down to 80 points because the police were allegedly not notified and an additional 150 because as an enhancer because there was reportedly an injury involved. The injured person told police that he attempted to intervene in a fight between and man and a woman when a second male – thought to be a friend of the couple – sucker punched the victim, knocking out a tooth. The suspect was captured on video, his parole officer positively identified him and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. The victim is pressing charges though no formal charges have been filed as of yet. The manger and a bartender told authorities they were not aware of the demerit point ordinance and the requirement to immediately contact law enforcement for a fight. The points would be considered by the city’s Administrative Committee for advancement to the full common council for any disciplinary action. The city adopted a demerit point ordinance in 2009 to better manage drinking establishments that break the law. Taverns that accumulate 200 points in a rolling 18-month period could have their license suspended or revoked.