Cook-Dairy Processing

Job Title
  Cook – Dairy Processing
Company or Organization
  Kraft Heinz
  Beaver Dam
Job Description
  The Cook is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the cook equipment. This position requires the operation of equipment and the cooking of ingredients as well as completing the sanitation requirements of the job. This position is responsible for ensuring that work is performed in a safe manner with a close attention to detail when it comes to product quality. This position must support all business systems (such as QCDSM, ISO, GMP’s) while working in a team environment. When the employee is not assigned to Cook job, they will be assigned to the B pool based on their seniority.

Primary Role and Responsibilities

Operate the cook equipment in a safe and proper manner
Responsible for following cook formula procedures for products that are produced on the lines
Perform set-up, start-up, and changeover procedures for the equipment as needed
Responsible for monitoring and communicating any process or product abnormalities to your Supervisor, Team Leader or Line Technician
Perform the sanitation duties for the equipment in the cook area or other production equipment as well as sanitation period work as assigned
Responsible for conducting and documenting quality checks such as cook sheets, temperature charts, and other process documentation defined in the QCMS/DPS Procedures
Proper handling and usage of chemicals
Perform analysis of cleaner strengths on soaps and sanitizers used in the sanitation process
Responsible for the safe operation of the salvage rework system and completion of the proper documentation as needed
Maintain and monitor the powder feed system
Non Dairy base setter will be a part of job duties
Perform Good Sanitation Practices (GSP’s) when handling equipment
Must follow all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
Perform all required observations and training timely as scheduled
Support Plant Quality Systems
Perform all other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Team Leader